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Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

It’s no secret that the lips are an important part of the face beauty... If a friendly smile or a kiss makes the face rapidly gain a certain expression, the lips are the ones that always draw the attention to themselves.

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Things that are considered beautiful may vary from one culture to another, but there are several common reference marks. Studies show that in most cultures, fuller and well-defined lips are considered attractive. In fact, full lips are everywhere identified with youth and beauty.

If you have always wanted a wider smile and soft lips, the hyaluronic acid may be the solution you have been looking for. At the same time, the contour, the definition and the entire shape of your lips may be thus improved. As a result of growing old, even the few lucky ones that were born with perfect lips may take into consideration the improvement of the appearance of their lips. In time, the volume of the lips decreases, the lips getting thinner and flatter. The wrinkles and the fine lines will compromise their smooth and well defined appearance Around the mouth, the area between the upper lip and the nose may become flat, the mouth corner may descend, creating a tired and aged appearance. The hyaluronic acid helps fighting against the ageing signs, rendering back the texture and smoothness of the lips, filling the lines and wrinkles caused by smoking, adding volume to the lips for a fresh and natural appearance.

The lips can say many things, even when words cannot do that. The appearance of the lips may affect the entire expression of the face.

About the treatment

During the treatment with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid has in its composition, for extra comfort, lidocaine – an anaesthetic with local effect. At the same time, the doctor may choose to use an additional anaesthetic cream to ensure the most comfortable treatment possible. As an effect, the anaesthetic gives a slight numbness and a slight itching sensation in the area where it has been injected. The current treatment takes about 30 minutes. After the hyaluronic acid is injected, the doctor massages the injected area to provide a good distribution, and applies ice on the area that has been treated for at least 10 minutes, to remove the ecchymoses and inflammation that might appear.

After the treatment with hyaluronic acid

Immediately after the treatment, you may have some colour changes, temporary bruises or oedemas in the injected area. There are no specific food restrictions after the treatment. During the following 24 hours after the injection: If needed, use painkillers depending on the doctor’s recommendation. It is not recommended to have dental works done immediately after the treatment with hyaluronic acid. Ask your doctor which facial products or lip balms should be avoided after the treatment.

Safety and side effects

What is the hyaluronic acid?
The hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural substance found in the body that helps hydration, adding volume to our skin. Hyaluronic acid is used for aesthetic treatments and it has also been used by the doctors for the injection into the arthritic joints and for helping blood flow.

When can the patients return to their working place and resume social life?

The results are immediate and very natural. With several small precaution measures, you may return to work and resume your social life right away.

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