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Icoone is a patented treatment and has a set of hands with motorized rollers equipped with a multitude of orifices meant to produce the Multi Micro Alveolar Simulation (MMAS).Due to the mechanical action and to the fractioned suction generated by the rollers, the skin receives 1180 micro-stimulations per square decimetre. The micro-alveoli incorporated in the vacuum stimulate the vacuoles in the tissue, thus providing a homogenous and precise treatment.

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Icoone means customized beauty treatments by means of a series of face and body care programs meant to satisfy the needs of women and men of all ages. Icoone is an innovative solution for a natural and delicate treatment of the face and body, with exceptional results for the problematic skin, using a pain-free and non-invasive technology. Unlike other technologies, Icoone provides a real "fitness training" of the skin, that can be used for the entire body, including the delicate areas such as the eyes, the bust, the arms and the inner thighs. The treatment provides a real sensation of wellness and relaxation in the body.


Icoone MMAS - Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation - Technology is 100% natural and has no side effects, just as a hand massage. Icoone treatments can be combined with other therapies for enhancement of the results.

The icoone experience can be customized and tailored for each particular individual in order to obtain the desired results.

Tehnologia Icoone MMAS - Stimularea Multi Micro Alveolara - este 100% naturala si nu are efecte secundare, la fel ca un masaj manual. Tratamentele Icoone pot fi combinate cu alte terapii pentru potentarea rezultatelor.

Icoone is a CE-certified medical device.

Icoone is a trustworthy ally for the treatment of the medical conditions affecting the connective tissue, such as: fibrosis, oedema, scars and burns, etc.

Icoone Health - medical equipment for the face and body aesthetics:

  • localized fat deposits
  • cellulite
  • silhouette remodelling
  • skin laxity
  • arms and thighs laxity
  • stretch marks
  • firming of breasts
  • firming of face, neck and cleavage
  • treatment of deep wrinkles
  • reduction of expression lines
  • fibrosis
  • oedema
  • scars
  • burns
  • lymphoedema
  • muscle contractions
  • aponeurosis
  • neck pains
  • treatment of pre and post sports muscle conditions

Icoone programs

Lightness 20'

  • Program type: Circulation
  • The treatment is intended for the stimulation of blood circulation
    • You will feel that you have lighter legs after only one session

Fresh 30'

  • Program type: Face/neck/cleavage drainage
  • The treatment is intended for the drainage of the cleavage, neck, face and eyes and in order to regain the freshness of the face
  • After 5 sessions your skin will be refreshed and rejuvenated

Anti-ageing 40'

  • Program type: Elasto / Bioyoung + Silouette + Toned up arms
  • Treatment for stimulation of cell rejuvenation, silhouette remodelling / improvement and skin firmness
  • You will feel younger and more beautiful after 5 sessions

Slim 50'

  • Program type: Cellfat + Elasto + HighPlus + Silhouette + ModelPlus + Inton + Armton
  • The treatment reduces the localized fat deposits, restoring the tone and the balance of the entire body
  • The results are spectacular: redefined silhouette, firm buttocks, toned skin after only 5 sessions

Beauty 50'

  • Program type: Cell drain + Silhouette + Tone + Adipose tissue
  • The treatment is designed for the draining, remodelling and toning of the body
  • TAfter 5 sessions your body will be visibly slimmerT

Natural Lifting 60'

  • Program type: Elasto + neck/face + Draining
  • The treatment is designed to restore the condition of the cleavage, bust, neck, chin, face, forehead, eyes and lips, rendering the skin supple and more compact
  • After 5 sessions the entire face and cleavage will be visibly rejuvenated and radiant

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